How to Run Energy

This is how the energy currents run according to the teachings that have come to me recently. I have been working with running energy along this grid now for almost three months.


What I have noticed is:

-better moods
-more consistent happiness
-more physical energy
-more patience and forbearance
-less taking things personally
-better relationships with everybody
-increase This d intuition.

The two main currents are Earth Energy and Cosmic Energy.

Earth Energy comes from the earth, up your knees and into your root chakra. The root chakra becomes filled and overflows back to the earth, thus making a circuit.

Cosmic Energy come from the Cosmos, down the back of your head, down the back of the spine and into the root chakra. Here it travels up your spine out the top of your head. It spreads like a fountain around the toroidal egg that is your auric field and returns to the root chakra to be grounded in the Earth with the Earth Energy. (***On its way up from the root chakra, the current also splits at the throat chakra and travels down into your hands where it fills the chakras there as well.***)

By connecting with this grid before meditation in the morning, and as often as I want throughout the day, I have noticed the fore-mentioned benefits click on. I practice the currents when I am speaking with people, and especially during times of charged emotion. This is when running energy through these lines really shows itself off. I have found that emotional intensity resolves much more quickly in myself and in the other person or people involved.

And there’s one other profound effect this practice has had with me: I have begun to notice that I am identifying as intelligent life energy more than a physical body. This is a really helpful thing to experience because the problems and worries of the physical realm of time and space and solid dense physical matter kind of … go away. It’s a much lighter feeling.

The man’s head looks very flattened, I am aware of this. It is my first drawing in quite some time 😉

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